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Rural Health Research Gateway

The Rural Health Research Gateway is funded by the Federal Office of Rural Health Policy (ORHP) and provides access to Rural Health Research Center projects and publications. The website provides easy and timely access to research and findings of the ORHP-funded Rural Health Research Centers, 1997-present. The goal is to help move new research findings of the Rural Health Research Centers to various end users as quickly and efficiently as possible.


The Rural Health Research Alerts provide periodic updates via e-mail when new publications become available. Visit www.ruralhealthresearch.org for more information, or email info@ruralhealthresearch.org if you have any questions. Subscribe to receive our Rural Health Research Alerts


Health Workforce Connections and Information


The Oregon Healthcare Workforce Linkage (OHWL) is an online communication and collaboration tool recently developed by the Oregon Primary Care Office (PCO). We anticipate the OHWL being an online marketplace for ideas and resources—a place where people can go for information, find the person they're looking for, ask a question, or share an insight or opinion  

Healthcare professions students, faculty, primary care practice sites (medical, dental, and/or mental health), healthcare workforce staff, state agencies involved in healthcare transformation...are joining from all over Oregon.


Click here to join!  


Contact Marc Overbeck, OHWL administrator, at marc.overbeck@state.or.us (or on the OHWL!) with any questions, thoughts or for technical assistance.