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End of Life Related-Choosing Options Honoring Options Media
February 2012, Finding Grace by John Darling - Medford Mail Tribune
April 2012, Death & Dying Must be Addressed by Sharon Johnson - Medford Mail Tribune
April 2012, Their Life in Your Hands by Joanne Kliejunas - Ashland Daily Tidings
May 2013, 'I Am Oregon' award recognizes citizen problem-solvers across the state

End of Life Related-Choosing Options Honoring Options Articles
Why Compassion Is Such an Important Part of Practice
August 2013, Dying With Grace by Jennifer Margulis - Jefferson Monthly
February 2013, Offering Sraight Talk on End-of-Life Issues by Shannon Houston - Medford Mail Tribune
June 2014, When Advance Directives are Being Ignored by Paula Span - The New York Times

Opioid Prescribers Project Articles
June 2013, Getting Hooked by Mandy Valencia - Medford Mail Tribune
September 2013, County Gets Gederal Grant to Reduce Drug Addiction by Ryan Pfeil - Mail Tribune

Nursing Workforce Project Media
December 2007, OP ED Nurses Taking Action - The Nursing Shortage
January 2008, Approaching nursing shortage could reach critical proportions by Sanne Specht
January 2008, Press Release Nursing Work Force Summit
Pulling Together To Make A Difference - Karen Allen

Mental Health / Primary Care Integration
Capsules: CBO Projects Lower Medicare and Medicaid Costs; Urgent Care Centers Opening For People With Mental Illness

Health Related Media
Mail Tribune - State's long term care budget needs support
Mail Tribune - Prescription for success  - RCC program diagnoses growing need for health-care professionals

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