Why Collaborate


About Collaboration

We believe coming together in common purpose around health and healthcare is the best way to tackle complex challenges and create a healthier community. As a collaborative, we are able to “hold the whole” vision of community health, focus on region-wide problems, learn and explore creative solutions together, prototype projects, and leverage resources for greater outcomes and impact.

The Challenge

Healthcare is a complicated network of doctors, hospital systems, clinics, coordinated care organizations, insurance companies, and public health agencies working in an increasingly demanding and competitive environment towards three common goals:


Better Care ~ Better Access ~ Lower Costs  


The healthcare sector recognizes that health is more than the absence of disease. The circumstances in which people are born, grow up, live, learn, work and age are called the social determinants of health. These conditions directly shape health outcomes. Physical function, emotional/mental health, housing and food security, safety, education, transportation, financial security/employment and cultural competency (ability to overcome language barriers) all impact health. 

The Response

To impact this expanded understanding of health, we:

  • Engage a learning community of regional leaders representing different sectors
  • Identify health challenges we can best tackle collaboratively
  • Set goals we can all agree on
  • Develop a plan and bring together the community resources needed to take action
  • Provide leadership to prototype projects, fine tune field work, and measure results

We Collaborate to:

  • Facilitate relationships that foster interconnectedness between organizations and individuals across sectors
  • Convene and engage partners in creating opportunities for shared learning and dialogue
  • Strategize issues that impact health, including the social determinants of health, from a broad community perspective
  • Leverage collective resources to support projects and initiatives that respond to community needs

Jefferson Regional Health Alliance is a 501(c)(3) non-profit.

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