All in for Health

is a community-wide initiative involving the collaborative engagement and expertise of organizations and individuals from multiple sectors across our two-county region.  All in for Health invites individuals and organizations throughout the region to come together to create a healthier community because “A healthy community is everyone’s business.”

Our Vision

Our communities are healthy, inclusive, engaged and empowered. Everyone lives in an environment that supports health and has access to the resources they need for well-being.

Our Values

Equity. Committing to tackling root causes of inequity to ensure health and well-
being are within everyone’s reach.

Inclusive community voice. Engaging diverse populations and perspectives to
keep community voice central throughout our process.

Collaboration. Working together respectfully to seek common ground and build
meaningful partnerships for the benefit of the community.

Accountability. Meeting responsibilities to partners and the community by acting
with transparency and integrity.

Communication. Communicating openly, honestly, and respectfully with partners and the public

2019-2022 Community Health Improvement Plan Priorities:

  • Behavioral Health & Well-Being (mental health and substance use)

  • Housing for All (safe, affordable, accessible, appropriate housing)

  • Families Matter (parenting support and life skills)